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Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm (30ml)

Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm (30ml)

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The Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm Serum is designed to energise and also re-energise the skin. Dual impaction, taking the skin to an unbelievable glow and firmness. A unique combination of building and protecting Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid for instant softeness, ATP for instant energy, Neodermyl, a bio-energy source to re-lift and re-energise old supportive tissue and 5 powerful peptides. With each use, your skin will possess a covetable, dewy glow. Perfect for use use our Stem Cell 3D Daily Moisturising Lotion SPF15 and Stem Cell 3D Complex at night.


  • Botanical stem cells help rejuvenate and protect the skin
  • Potent peptides promote skin firmness and smoothness
  • Antioxidants with help fight pollutants on the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps improve the appearance of skin discoloration
  • Helps prevents skin damage
  • Enhances skin hydration and helps to keep the skin function in a normal state
  • Encourages skin turnover
  • Compels connective tissue to shrink the appearance of wrinkles and reduce skin roughness
  • Gives skin exceptional energy & a radiant glow


•  Gardenia
•  Lilac
•  Orange Stem Cells
•  Neodermyl®
•  Vitamin C
•  Sodium Hyaluronate
•  ATP Complex


After cleansing, apply serum using fingertips and gently massage into the skin. Allow serum to penetrate and absorb.


29.6 mL

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