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Dermaenergy - Calm The Harm (30ml)

Dermaenergy - Calm The Harm (30ml)

  • $69

The NEW Australian skincare brand! 

This energy enhancing serum helps heal red skin. Apply Calm The Harm to a cleansed skin every morning and evening for a happy, healthy complexion. Ideal for all skin types, this soothing serum is especially beneficial for sensitised skins, and should be applied underneath a moisturiser for maximum benefit. 


  • Helps to reduce redness in the skin
  • Helps to prevent skin flushing 
  • Helps to keep the skin calm and content
  • Oil-free and non-pore clogging 


  • Use frequently to ensure your skin remains calm
  • Ideal use: every morning and evening
  • After washing your skin, apply serums
  • NOTE: serums can be applied over each other
  • This serum is applied under a moisturiser / sun protection


    • More even skin, with less redness
    • Reduced skin irritation (especially in men who shave!)


    • NIACINAMIDE - helps to soothe the skin
    • BETA GLUCAN - a strong anti-inflammatory agent excellent for calming reactive skin
    • OATMEAL - anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory 
    • SYMCARE - anti redness and helps with barrier repair 
    • ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate - energy bank for the skin


    • $69

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